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 Air Miles....

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PostSubject: Air Miles....   Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:26 am

Okay at the begining of this month i booked rooms in kamloops for the weekend of May 1st 2009, called air miles and i had enought to cover the whole weekend plus extras...okay AWESOME. Well last i called the hotel to see if i could get a pet allowed room as we are bringing our 1 dog..the hotel was a Best Western but the day i called they were bought by someone esle...and you guessed it, they dont honour air miles.
So i was in a panic due to they had no other hotels in the area they dealt with...but they said, we can convert your mile over to "Priority Club Points" as they have the Holiday Inn there and you can book a room there...i said perfect...make it happen. I called the Holiday Inn to comfirm my booking and they told me I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH POINTS...and i went over this twice with the air miles guy cause i was un sure at first. So now i dont have enough air miles any more..and the Priority Club points arent refundable..and i dont have enough for a room i said hell with it and ordered up a room on the credit much for trying to be thrifty!!!!!

pissed off air miles guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Air Miles....
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