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 Axialguy's AX-10

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Twisted Crawlers

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PostSubject: Axialguy's AX-10   Sat Apr 04, 2009 11:51 am

This is my Axial AX-10
This thing is equiped with a Novak Goat syatem (brushless)
50/50 links and came with proline hammers and the ARTR body.
It also came with Integy crawler shocks but i took them off and remounted the stock shocks and used the internal springs from the Integys and just cut them down.
The rig is sitting at Half droop now.
I also added a set of Losi Rock Carvers
I also added some weights to the front and real axles 3 and 3/4 oz on the front and 3oz on the back axle
as well as a home made 4 link for the rear.
i hve flipped he tranny and motor around to of st the tourqe twist as well as set the links on the 4 link plate to an over under set up.
spaces have been added to were the shocks mount to add stabillity and reduce any chance of binding
Still have more to do but all this was free except for the tires.
Here are a few pics

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Axialguy's AX-10
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