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 The G-Made Spyder

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PostSubject: The G-Made Spyder   Fri Apr 03, 2009 7:16 pm

This was my second purchase in the super class...i ended up trading it due to to many rigs...but ended up getting it back yet once was meant to be mine i, This is the "G-Made Spyder" it orginally had 1 speed controller and 2 x 55T motors and a fair bit of alloy right from the factory..they got their own diffs that are simiular to the clods..

So i ended up with it back and one of the things was the huge tires and the electronic set up.. with the additions of Integy alloy diffs with steel internals, Integy links uppers and lowers, Integy axle wideners, Imex rock claws, a digger body, and now 2 novak speed controllers it is a totally diferent machine...i control it with my Dx7..which was the answer..check itout

i just hope it hooks up on the rocks like it does on my kicten floor and the wifes firdge and☕



Tamiya CR-01 w/ Novak 55t Motor
Hummer H2, w/ Novak 55t Motor
Toyota Hilux "Highly Modified"
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The G-Made Spyder
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